HAYDN Company continues its activities with approximately 25 years of industry experience, considering the main principles of quality, cost and timely delivery in order to meet the needs of high quality epoxy insulator and epoxy insulation parts in the domestic and international markets of the electricity sector. Our company's branches in Istanbul and Vienna, with its expert and experienced team, produce world-class parts focused on quality products and customer satisfaction.



HAYDN Company is export-oriented and in order to be successful in global competition, solutions developed in line with international quality standards and technological developments are offered to its customers.

Our mission is to offer more efficient, safe and reliable solutions to our customer base, which consists of industrialists operating in the electromechanical sector. As HAYDN, our general policy is to ensure the growth of our industrialists by contributing to their sustainable profitability.


As HAYDN, our philosophy is to provide our customers with high quality products and services compatible with technology, economically and quickly. Creating new markets in industrial production, serving the needs of our customers and stakeholders in the sector, and changing the rules of the game in part production are our long-term success principles.